Revelation — Chapter 9


To show how terrible will be when God lets Satan unleash the hordes of Hell upon earth during the tribulation.


Did you know that hell contains many strange demon-like creatures? It does, and some of them are going to be loosed on the earth during the tribulation. Today, we will study about them.


The judgments upon the earth by the living God are becoming increasingly more rapid and intense. The first four angels have sounded their trumpets and in this chapter the fifth and sixth sound their trumpets. When they do terrible things come upon the earth. The eagle had announced three more woes to come on earth. Now they come with great fury (Revelation 8:13; 9:12; 11:14).

I. The Fallen Star (Verse 1)

The Star is probably Satan. Fall should be "fallen" as if the action had taken place. This is probably the same event as mentioned in 12:7-9, which gives more detail. To this star was given (by whom? God!) the key (or authority to open) to the bottomless pit. Nothing or no one can come out of hell except as God allows it.

II.The Bottomless Pit (Verse 2)

Hell is a Bottomless Pit or the Deep Abyss as it is sometimes referred to in Scripture. Think of it! People in hell may be continually falling. Hell is a great furnace. There is fire there. So much that when hell is opened the smoke that ascends darkens the sun and the air above the earth.

III. The Demons of Hell Loosed (Verses 3-12)

When the smoke clears, people discover that locusts (demonic creatures) are loose on the earth. Locusts normally eat grass and green foliage but these hurt people except the 144,000 sealed Jews. God protects His own. Some believe that all the saved on earth at this time will also be protected by God (II Timothy 2:19).

Verse 5 These will have a sting like a scorpion’s and will invade the earth for five months. These locusts represent a divine judgment of God upon a wicked world.

Verse 6 In the Gospels, those in the grip of demons were not free to exercise their own will and therefore were not free to take their own lives. So in the tribulation, men under this demonic influence will not be able to take their own lives even though they would desire to do so.

Verse 7 The description of the locusts given in these verses makes it clear that they are not ordinary locusts and are so named only because of their function as a judgment and plague from the Lord.

These were not horses but had a resemblance to horses. "Like unto." "Prepared unto battle" shows us they are war-like creatures from Hell.

Their heads were "as it were" crowns of gold. Not literal crowns but appearing as such.

"Faces as men" — They were not literal men but looked like men.

Verse 8 They actually have hair and teeth.

Verse 9 Breastplates of Iron implies that they are immune to destruction. They have wings which implies speed and suggests the impossibility of evading their attack.

Verse 10 "Stings in their tails" — This is to be taken literally.

Verse 11 They had a king over them (Proverbs 30:27) (Satan). Abaddon means destruction and Apollyon means destroyer. Satan has been the great destroyer in history.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan attempted to destroy man’s body and soul (Romans 5:12). Over fifty billion people have lived in history and forty-seven billion have died physically. The devil has destroyed their bodies and many of their souls (I Peter 5:8).

This woe was terrible. Teacher, stop and meditate upon what a chaotic scene this will be as these creatures terrify people for five months.

IV.The Four Angels (Verses 13-15)

Verse 13 The voice is undoubtedly God’s.

Verse 14 These four angels bound in the Euphrates being loosed bring forth a flood tide of destruction on the earth. Why in the Euphrates? This is a prominent place in Scripture. The Garden of Eden was in this area. The sin of mankind began here; the first murder was committed here; the first war was fought here; the tower of Babel was near this place; the Israelites in captivity were brought here (Babylon) which was the fountainhead of idolatry. The Euphrates River divides the East from the West. There has been a restraining power that has kept the hordes of the East from spilling over into the West but now after these angels are loosed the hordes soon will come (Revelation 16:12). These four angels may have had something to do with holding them back.

Verse 15 These four angels had been prepared for an appointed hour when they would be loosed and the primary purpose of their loosing is to see that people are terrified and to see that one-third of the people are killed.

V. The 200 Million Horsemen (Verses 16-19)

Verse 16 Dr. Newell labels these "The Hellish Horseman." The size of the army is stupendous, 200 million! This is the Devil’s calvary. "These are not human beings, but a wholesale invasion of the demon world which is a further result of Satan opening the door of the shaft of the bottomless pit." McGee.

Verse 17 The colors are as striking as the horseman are unnatural. Fire is fiery red. Hyacinth is dull dark blue. Brimstone is light yellow. The horse is the animal of war. Hell is now making war on mankind. This is to be interpreted literally.

Verses 18 and 19 One-third of the earth’s population is killed. Remember, one-fourth had been killed earlier (Revelation 6:8). If three billion were living at the beginning of the tribulation then 1/4 or 750 million were killed earlier and now these demonic creatures.

Notice, they kill with the mouth and they hurt with the tail.

VI. The Astounding Picture of Human Rebellion (Verses 20-21)

Despite the horrible events just depicted, people will not repent of their sins. Yes, they hear they should and know they should. The 144,000 have been spared and are preaching but they will not listen. This seems unreal, but in our day people did not turn to God in the Depression of the thirties, nor the war of the forties, nor during earthquakes and hurricanes. So in the Tribulation, people will continue in idolatry. They will worship false, dead, inanimate gods which can’t see, hear, nor walk (II Thessalonians 2:9-12).

Notice the sins that will be prevalent then:

1. Idolatry

2. Sorceries (Narcotic and drug users and fortune telling).

3. Fornication (Lax marriage vows, adultery abounding.)

4. Thefts (Robbery and looting will be widespread. A time of lawlessness.)

We must be near the time for these things are constantly increasing.


Remember, this is God’s judgment upon a wicked, religious world. Satan who would like to destroy all the people he can and keep them out of heaven will be allowed to unleash the hordes of hell upon the earth’s inhabitants. Be sure that pupils know how to be saved before they are dismissed.


1. Who is the fallen star?

2. What does this fallen star do?

3. State some things that are terrible about Hell.

4. What happens when Hell is opened?

5. Who will not be able to be hurt by the locusts?

6. How long will these locusts be on the earth?

7. Were these locusts horses?

8. Will these locusts be literal men?

9. Who was their king?

10. Do locusts normally have a king (Proverbs 30:27)?

11. What evidence is there that Satan is the Great destroyer?

12. What is prominent about the area around the Euphrates River?

13. What do the "hellish horsemen" do?

14. Will people repent after Satan’s cavalry rides on the earth?

15. What four sins will be outstanding during this period?

16. Are they outstanding today?