Revelation (Chapter 5)


To teach the real meaning of the seven sealed book and thereby give the key to understanding the prophecy of the book of Revelation.


How many know what a deed is? What is it? Did you know that God holds some deeds? Well, He does and today we are going to learn about the most important one.


This Seven sealed Book about which we will study is the key which opens the entire book of revelation. We will be able to understand the events of chapters six through twenty much better if we get a good understanding of chapter five.

I. The Throne (verse 1) -- God the Father holds in His hand a book (scroll) which is rolled tightly and sealed closely with seven seals. John is a witness of these events as he foresaw what would take place after the Rapture.

II. The Seven Sealed Book (verse 1) -- (Later, as these seals are broken and the scroll is unrolled, a specific event of God's judgment occurs on earth (chapter 6).

This book or scroll, rolled tightly and sealed like a legal paper is the title deed to this earth. God gave this deed to man (Adam) in the Garden of Eden but Adam forfeited it to Satan (Genesis 2:7-9; 15; 3:24; I Timothy 2:13-15; Romans 5:12-14).

On the cross, Jesus Christ conquered Satan and earned the right to rule over the earth and possess it. However, He has never actually exercised that right and He will not until after the Rapture. Satan, until then, is the prince --the ruler of this world.

Our Lord's act on Calvary and what He accomplished in obtaining the ownership of the earth was pre-pictured to us in the Law of Redemption given to Israel.

If a man lost his farm or property because of his inability to pay a debt, a kinsman of his could demand the opportunity to pay the debt for him and have his farm returned to the original owner. This was the law of redemption of land (Leviticus 25:23-25).

If a man fell into debt, in order for him to lose his farm, he was taken before the judges and a document was prepared which stated the land had passed from the debtor into the possession of the one to whom he owed the debt. The legal papers were written on two scrolls and on both of these were written the terms of the redemption of the lost possession. One scroll was put in the Court of the Temple for all to see and the other was sealed with seven seals and placed in the Temple and was only brought out when a kinsman redeemer gave evidence he was willing and able to redeem it. When he paid the redemption terms, he was given the sealed scroll. Then he would tear open the seven seals; thus, invalidating the mortgage and the previous owner could take back his redeemed farm or property.

There was also a similar law for the redemption of a slave or of one who had to work for another until his debt was paid. A kinsman redeemer could pay his debt and set him free.

Thus, this is what Jesus did for us on Calvary. He was our kinsman (he was flesh), He was able (He never sinned), He was willing.

After the Rapture, He will take the Book of the Title Deed to earth which was forfeited to Satan. He will tear open the seals, invalidating Satan's claims and bringing judgment upon the earth. At the close of the judgments, King Jesus will rule and reign over His purchased possession. The earth which was cursed in Genesis 3:17,18 will no longer be cursed (Isaiah 11).

III. The Puzzling Question (verse 2) -- As John saw this important legal document in the hand of God and then heard this question, great concern immediately came over his mind. It would have to be a person of great prominence and power and authority. Who would be such a person?

IV. The Great Problem (verses 3 and 4) -- John could see no one of sufficient prominence or power or authority in the universe. Abraham was not able, Moses was not able. No one was able. John wept much! He wept because he realized what it meant if Satan continued to rule the world forever. Consider what that would mean. There would be no end to the propagation of humanity and hell would fill up with people. There would be no Millennial reign on the earth and God would not bring justice to pass on the earth nor in the universe.

V. The Worthy Lamb (verses 5 and 6)

A. One hath prevailed --Praise God there was one prominent enough and powerful enough to open the book. It is none other than Jesus Christ who died for us thereby bruising Satan's head (Genesis 3:15).

B. The Lion and the Root -- The Lion of the tribe of Judah refers to His humanity; He descended from Judah. The root (source) of David refers to His deity and also to His Royalty. David was a King and so is Jesus.

C. The Center of Attraction -- In the midst of the throne, the beasts, the elders (Christians), stood a lamb that had been slain. Surely that refers to Jesus. Notice, He is standing which speaks of His resurrection. He is the one who is worthy of all our acclaim and adoration.

VI. Heaven's Praise and Worship of the Lamb (verses 7-14)

Verses 7 and 8 The elders had harps and vials full of odours (prayers of saints). Music of praise and the prayers of saints are precious to the Lord.

Verses 9 and 10 A new song -- Those Old and New Testament saints who have been redeemed sing a song of praise to the redeemer. How grateful they are. We should show that gratitude today and not wait until then.

Verses 11 and 12 Millions of angels speak loudly of the worthiness of the Lamb. He is worthy above all in the universe to receive these seven important things.

Verses 13 and 14 Every creature will one day acknowledge His greatness (Philippians 2:10,11). Is it not great to know He will live forever and ever. And that He will never leave us nor forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).


We have now seen the heavenly scene of Christians in Heaven immediately after the Rapture and preceding the judgments of God upon the earth. Are you ready for Jesus' coming?


1. Who is sitting on the throne in chapter five?

2. What is the Seven Sealed Scroll?

3. To whom was the earth forfeited by Adam?

4. Did Adam have to sin?

5. Why did Adam sin?

6. At what event did Jesus earn the right to repossess the earth?

7. What were the three requirements one had to meet in order to be a redeemer?

8. Explain the Law of Redemption?

9. When will the earth no longer be under the curse?

10. Why did John weep?

11. Explain the meaning of the Lion and the Root of verse five.

12. What will happen when Jesus tears open each of the seven seals?