AIM: To show the restoration of the Old Paradise and the finality of the new State of things.

POINT OF CONTACT: The last words of someone often have great significance. Illustrated Eg. George Gipp of Notre Dame on his death bed said to Knute Rochne, "Rock, sometime when the teams behind and the going’s rough, tell the boys that I’d appreciate it if they’d win this one for the Gipper. Tell them somewhere I’ll be looking on". Many a Notre Dame team was fired up in the last half to win the game because of this story.

INTRODUCTION: This chapter brings us to the end of God’s Revelation to man of the End Time events. It gives us a glimpse of life in God’s New Paradise. God had established a paradise on earth for man in Genesis Chapter two and man marred it by sin. We saw it lost to man in Genesis three. It was visited by Paul. II Cor. 12:4. It was promised in Luke 23:43 and Rev. 2:7. Now in this chapter we see it restored. Man is again in fellowship with God and will be eternally in His presence in that state. God has restored the universe into a state where there is no sin. All is peaceful and everyone worships and serves God. Now all the created beings know of God’s wonderful attributes of Love, Mercy, Kindness, Wrath, Justice and Holiness. All are convinced of His righteousness.

I. The New Eden – Vs.1-5

A. The River of the Water of Life – Vs. 1

In Genesis, a river proceeded out of Eden. In the New Eden, a pure river (nothing but purity could come from God) comes from the throne of God. Ponce de Leon looked for the Fountain of Youth in the wrong place. We will never grow old in heaven. When we see a gray hair we will just drink some of this water and it will disappear.

B. The Tree of Life – Vs. 2 CF Gen. 2:9; 3:22-24

Man was banned in the Garden of Eden (after sinning) from eating the fruit of this tree. It would have been terrible to live forever in this body of corruption. But in the New Eden, all will be Glorified, Resurrected bodies and we will be able to freely eat of this tree.

"The leaves will be for the healing of the nations". The word for healing is in the Greek a word from which our English word "therapeutic" is derived. Walvoord states, "Rather than specifically meaning healing, it should be understood as "health-giving", as the word in its root meaning has the idea of serving or ministering. In other words, the leaves of the tree promote the enjoyment of life in the New Jerusalem and are not for correcting ills which do not exist. This is confirmed by the fact that there is no more curse as indicated by verse 3". There will be no more polio, cancer, heart trouble or any other sickness in the New Eden.

C. The Throne of God – Vs. 3

No more curse. CF. Gen. 3. The curse brought death (Gen. 2:17; 3:19), suffering (Gen.3:16,17) sickness(Gen. 3:19and16). The curse caused Calvary. Gen. 3:15. My, the hardships and heartaches caused by the curse. But in the New Eden, there will be no more curse. During the curse, man has not been permitted to come before God. God’s throne has been removed from earth. But now it’s where man is again. God’s servants (the redeemed) will serve Him, Heaven will be a place of enjoyable service.

D. The Blessed Fellowship in Heaven – Vs. 4 and 5

It will be great when we see Jesus. We will be branded, a mark of ownership. There will be no night in heaven, the New Eden or Paradise. There will be no light holders. The sun or moon won’t be the light source in heaven, God will and we will reign with Him. He may give each of us a solar system to operate. Remember He entrusted the earth to Adam. The New Paradise will be even more wonderful than we can imagine. I Cor. 2:9. We should not be satisfied to go there without our friends.

II. The Certainty of the Second Coming – Vs. 6-16

Vs. 6 – God reminds us again that these sayings are reliable and true. The word "shortly" also means "surely". These things will surely come about.

Vs. 7 – Jesus will soon come. If this was so 1900 years ago, then note how much sooner His coming is now. Blessed (happy) is he that keepeth (guardeth) the sayings of prophecy as revealed in this book. These things are a great treasure for the redeemed. We should teach them to others and not let these things go unenjoyed by saints. What a shame that so many won’t study the book and accept what it says.

Vs. 8 & 9 – John falls down & worships the angel who has instructed him and then is told he is wrong & that he is to worship God.

Note: The one to worship is not the teacher or the preacher, but God. Teachers & preachers want to be loved & appreciated but our main desire is that you love & worship Jesus.

Vs. 10 – "Seal not" means don’t keep these prophecies from others. The reason we are not is because the time is at hand. Jesus may come any day.

Vs. 11 – This verse means that whatever a person is at this time, they will be like this forever. There will never be an opportunity to be saved again. At this time, those that are unrighteous will continue to do unrighteous things forever. Those that are filthy will be filthy forever. Those that are righteous will do righteous forever.

Vs. 12 – When Jesus comes everyone will be righteously rewarded.

Vs. 13 – Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet & Omega is the last. Jesus was before all thing & will be the King when all things are fixed in eternity.

Vs. 14 – "Do His Commandments" should be "Wash their robes". CF. Ch. 7:14-17. No one will be saved nor enter the New Paradise unless they have put their faith in Christ & His shed Blood thereby being washed in His Blood. Rom. 3:22-25.

Vs. 15 – Here are some who will not enter the city:

Dogs - Unclean ones & rebellers against God. Ps. 22

Sorcerers - Those who deal in witchcraft, fortune telling, Spiritism, etc.

Whoremongers - Those guilty of sexual sins so prevalent in our day.

Idolaters - Those who worship anything or anyone other than the real God, Jesus Christ.

Liars – Both white and black lies.


How would you like to spend eternity with this crowd?

Vs. 16 – God wants this book studied IN THE CHURCHES. Yet many churches won’t study it.

The Root and Offspring of David – as the Root of David, He was before David and all things were made by Him. Jn. 1:1-3. As the offspring of David, He is the God-Man that will someday claim the throne of David and rule and reign forever. Lk. 1:31-33. The Bright and Morning Star is the brightest. It points to the breaking of day. Jesus is the Star pointing to the Coming of Day as He comes for His own.

This concluded the Unveiling of Jesus Christ.

The rest of the chapter is the conclusion of the book.

III. The Final Urgent Invitation & Warning – Vs. 17-19

Vs. 17 – The plea here is for sinners to be saved (take the water of life freely) and for Jesus to return. The Holy Spirit is still today urging people to come to Christ. The saints of God are urging people to come & those that aren’t ought to be. Everyone that hears God’s call should in turn call others.

Vs. 18 & 19 – This is a solemn warning. Modernists & infidels should take note of this grave warning. This does not mean that saved people can be lost for once saved always saved.

IV. The Final Promise & Prayer – Vs. 20 & 21

Jesus says, He’s coming quickly. We should never think that His coming is a long way off.

Our prayer should be, "Even so come Lord Jesus". How wonderful it will be when He comes & these things come to pass. How wonderful it will be to see Jesus & enjoy Him forever.

CONCLUSION: This book has unveiled Jesus. Isn’t He wonderful? He has thought of everything and eternity will be wonderful for those of us who know Him as Saviour.


Where is the real Fountain of Youth?

Name some things in the Old Eden that will be in the New Eden.

Where will the river in Paradise come from? Describe it.

Who visited Paradise in the New Testament?

What did the curse of sin bring upon man?

How will the New Paradise be different?

What will give light in the New Paradise?

Why won’t there be any more night?

What will the unrighteous be like in eternity?

What does Alpha & Omega mean?

What will be the requirement for entering heaven?

Who will be in hell? CF. Rev. 21:8

Explain the fact that Jesus is the Root & Offspring of David?

What should be our daily prayer about Jesus coming?