AIM: To bring the pupils to understand the position of New Testament saints with Christ (the marriage Ceremony) in Heaven and to show the judgement of God on the rebellious inhabitants of earth at the Battle of Armageddon.

POINT OF CONTACT: What will Jesus look like when He comes at the Battle of Armageddon? Invite answers. Today we will see how John saw Him, as He will come.

INTRODUCTION: We often refer to the Rapture as the Second Coming when actually it is not. The coming of Christ at the close of the tribulation is the Second Coming. This coming & the related events that occur just prior to it will be the subjects of our study today.

I. The Alleluias of the Saints – Vs. 1-6

The Hallelulia Chorus of the New Testament:

Vs. 1 – The "much" people seem to refer to the martyred saints of the tribulation.

"Alleluia" means, "praise ye Jehovah". There is the Alleluia of:

Salvation – Vs. 1,2

Judgement – 3

Worship – 4

Victory – 5,6

This is a heavenly scene which takes place after the destruction of the two Babylons & before the coming of Christ.

Vs. 2 – These people, praised the Lord, because all religions that were contrary to the Bible had been destroyed.

Vs. 3 – Judgement had finally come & they were rejoicing.

Vs. 4 – The Four & twenty elders are the N.T. Saints. We shall also rejoice when

the Babylons are destroyed.

Vs. 5 – A voice out of the throne commands all to praise God.

Vs. 6 – All the heavenly multitudes seem to combine in praising God for He is


A. The Marriage of the Lamb – Vs. 7-10

Vs. 7&8 – "Let us be glad & rejoice". A wedding is a time for rejoicing. This too, occurs in heaven, just before Armageddon. The Lamb, of course, is Christ. Jn.1:29 The Bride is made up of the New Testament saints. CF. Eph. 5:25-27, Jn. 17:23-26, I Cor. 11:2. The Lamb’s wife, the Bride "hath made herself ready at the Judgement seat of Christ" which occurs prior to this during the tribulation. CF. Eph. 2:10; I Cor. 3:11-15: II Cor. 5:10. At the judgement seat, we will be judged not for salvation, but rewards & works. Through the ages, believers have been performing righteous acts which are accumulation to adorn the wedding gown. Our good works are the wedding garments of the Bride.

Vs. 9&10 – The "called" are considered to be the Old Testament & tribulation saints. The angel then puts God’s seal on the scene, "These are the true words of God". Some people don’t like prophecy but prophecy testifies of & exalts the Lord Jesus. It is profitable to study II Tim.3:15,16. "Worship God". This has not been done by the devotees of the false religions.

B. The Second Coming of Christ – Vs. 11-18

1. The Rider on the White Horse – 11-16

Vs. 11 – Heaven is opened, this occurs seven years after the Rapture. The White horse rider is the true Christ. The Anti-Christ had come on a white horse at the beginning of the tribulation. He is faithful and true (Jn. 14:6) The world had rejected Him & accepted the unfaithful & untruthful one. Whenever Christ makes war or judges we can be sure righteousness will characterize His acts & decisions.

Vs. 12 – Many Crowns (diadems) indicates He is the sole ruler, now King of every nation. "Eyes as a flame" is "eyes a flame".

Vs. 13 – His Vesture dipped in blood which will remind earth’s people of the cross. "The Word of God", CF. Jn.1:1,14.

Vs. 14 – This army will be the heavenly saints.

Vs. 15&16 – CF. Heb.2:14; Zechariah 14:3,4; Matt. 24:27-31; Rev.14:14-20. When Jesus comes, He will come to the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:8-11) & then do battle with the armies of the world assembled in Palestine. "Out of His mouth" means He will speak & the enemy will be defeated. Isa. 63:2-3.

2. The Supper of the Great God – Vs. 17-18

Those who attend the Marriage Supper will eat. All those that attend this supper will be eaten. This scene reminds us of how revolting & nauseating the deeds of the flesh are to God. It is foolish to rebel against God. CF. Matt. 24:28; Luke 17:37. It won’t matter about a person’s wealth or position when God’s day of judgement comes.

II. The Battle of Armageddon – Vs. 19-21

Vs. 19 – We have studied about this great assembly before. Rev. 14:14-20; 16:12-16.

Vs. 20 – Many believe these are the first persons put in hell. All the other lost are put in Hades at death (also, a place of torment) to await the Great White Throne Judgement. Rev. 20:11-15. The Beast & False Prophet are cast (body & soul) into hell.

Vs. 21 – The rest of those living on the earth as followers of the Beast are killed immediately at the command of Christ. Just before this there will be the judgement of the Gentiles. Matt. 25:31-46; Joel 3:1,2,12.

CONCLUSION: God’s Word makes plain that God so loved the world that He gave His Son & all who will accept His Son will be blessed forever. On the other hand, those who reject the Son will experience God’s judgement without mercy. It’s foolish to reject Christ. Is He your Savior?


Is the Rapture the Second Coming of Christ?

What does "Alleluia" mean?

What is the Hallelujah Chorus of the New Testament?

In our scene today, have all the false religions been destroyed?

At the marriage of the Lamb, who is the Bride?

Who are the "called"?

Who is the Bridegroom?

At what event does the Bride make herself ready?

When does the Judgement Seat of Christ occur?

What will be judged at this judgement?

Why is it profitable to study prophecy?

Who is the rider of the White Horse?

Who are the first people in hell?

Who will be those eaten at the Supper of the Great God?