AIM: To show the Satanic Trinity (who they are & their characteristics) during the tribulation and the role they will play in this period.

POINT OF CONTACT: Give examples of things in the world that are a trinity (e.g.: Sun earth, moon, ice, water, gas, body, soul, spirit, Father, Son, Holy Ghost). Did you know that Satan will reveal a trinity?

He will, and we are going to study about this today.


Five performers who will play important parts in the events of the tribulation were studied in Chapter 12:

1. The Woman (Israel)

2. The Red Dragon (Satan)

3. The Child of the Woman (Christ)

4. Michael (The Archangel)

5. The Remnant (The Saved)

The final two performers are revealed in this chapter. They are the Anti-Christ and the false prophet. Both are presented as wild beasts. It is bad enough to be a beast but to be a wild beast compounds the injury.

These two, along with Satan, make up the counterfeit trinity of this period. During the tribulation, Satan will produce a counterfeit Christ and a counterfeit Holy Spirit. The first beast will be the counterfeit Holy Spirit. The first beast we will study will be the counterfeit Christ and the second beast will be the counterfeit Holy Spirit. But, first let's look at God's archenemy, the Dragon--Satan.

I. The Dragon - Vs. 2,4,11. CF 12:9

Vs. 2 -- Satan gives the Anti-Christ power and his position as world political ruler.

CF. Matt. 4:8,9. Satan is the prince of the power of the air. Eph. 2:2. He is also, the god of this world. IICor. 4:4.

Vs. 4 -- The Anti-Christ and Satan will be so alike that as they worship the Anti-Christ, they will be worshiping Satan. The Anti-Christ will be Satan incarnate just as Christ is God incarnate. Col. 1:19; 2:9.

Vs. 11 -- The False Prophet will speak, after he has gained power as the religious leader of the world, as a dragon. This means his speech will be authoritative, yet deceiving. Satan knowing that his time is short, will be doing all he can to deceive the people of the world and thereby capture as many for hell as he can.

II. The Anti-Christ - Vs. 1-9

Vs. 1 -- John saw a beast rise up out of "the sea". The "sea" refers to the "nations and peoples of the world." This one will probably come out of one of the nations that comprised the old Roman Empire. CF. Dan. 7:3,8. This is the little horn of Dan. 7. He comes to power after first subduing 3 kings, afterwards he dominates all & becomes the world dictator. Dan. 7:8.

The seven heads probably refers to the seven successive governments which are subdued and embodied in the last revived Roman Empire--ruled by the Anti-Christ. They are Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Media-Persia, Greece, Rome and the Revived Roman Empire. CF. 17:9,10.

The ten horns with ten crowns speak of the ten-fold division of the Roman Empire during the last half of the tribulation. CF. 17:12,13,14. The European Common Market could well be the beginning of this ten nation world ruler. Note some excerpts from current news periodicals:

"Christian Herter, the former Secretary of State, said further that Treaty of Rome which became effective Jan. 1, 1958, created the following institutions: first, a commission which proposes community policy and has day to day administrative authority. This commission is composed of nine men. Second, a council of ministers which decide community policy and it has prime executive responsibility. This council of ministers is made up of representatives of the six member states. Third, an assembly, which serves as a limited parliament. This assembly is a 142 man body appointed by the six member states. And fourth, it set up a court of justice which passes judgment on legal issues arising under the treaty. This court of justice is a seven man appointed body. Herter concludes his summary of that which was created in the Roman Treaty by saying,

'The importance of all these institutions is more than administrative. They represent the nucleus from which a European government could evolve.'

"…this international trading area embracing six nations of France, West Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, in a single economic union and serving 170,000,000 European customers, is proving an economic success beyond all the expectations of its founders. The British government, in a revolutionary decision last fall, made application to join the six countries, although this would cause Britain to alter her ties with the commonwealth, abandon her historic aloofness from the continent and to lose some of her own sovereignty. Norway, Denmark, and Ireland are almost certain to follow suit. This will create a European economic federation of ten nations and 250,000,000 people whose goods, farm products and workers will soon be able to move as freely across national frontiers as ours move across state boundaries in the United States." Basically this is what is now occurring across Europe. McGee, pg. 12.

Vs. 2 -- The Anti-Christ had the characteristics of these three animals and so also his empire. The person and his empire are in view here. CF. Dan. 7. These beasts represented different empires. E.g.: Leopard -- Greece; Bear--Media-Persia; Lion--Babylon. Leopard speaks of swiftness of conquering. The Anti-Christ will rapidly rise to power at the beginning of the tribulation. The bear speaks of tenacity and strength and the lion speaks of majesty and power. All of these characteristics will be embodied in the Anti-Christ and his empire.

Vs. 3 -- The Anti-Christ and not his empire is wounded to death. The Anti-Christ is slain. "Slain" in 5:6 is the same word in the Greek as "wounded" in Verse 3. He will be slain to death. Then he will be miraculously resurrected after going into Hell. CF. 17:8,11. He was (that is, he was alive), and is not (he died), and yet is (he arose). The Counterfeit Christ! Note: All miracles are not of God. No wonder they wondered!

Vs. 4 -- The people of the world (unsaved) will worship this one and say, "Who is like him?" and "Who is able to kill him and thus defeat him in war?" Thus, he is exalted above God. The Bible teaches there is none to compare with God for God has no equal. To whom can we compare Him?

No one. Yet that which is said of God will be said of the Beast. Worship of the Beast is the deadly blasphemy of the tribulation. CF. II.Thess. 2:3,4. The religions of the world are marching toward the dark day of total devil worship.

Vs. 5 -- The Anti-Christ will be worshiped for the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation. At the beginning of the tribulation he will be the political ruler only and the false prophet will unite the religions of the world together. At the mid-point of the tribulation, the false prophet will cast off his former (supposed) religious beliefs and lead the world to worship the Anti-Christ. Thus, he will first be as a lamb and then as a dragon. Vs. 11.

Vs. 6 -- Blasphemy against God will characterize the day.

Vs. 7 -- Since the Anti-Christ can't hurt the heavenly saints, he turns his pent-up wrath upon the earthly saints. This verse shows that he is the ruler of the world.

Vs. 8 -- All the unsaved will worship him, believing the lie of II Thessalonians, Chapter Two.

Vs. 10 -- In a word, this is the law of Divine retribution. Those who persecute the saints and lead them into captivity must in turn suffer the righteous wrath of God. The patience and faith of the saints during this terrible period will be a magnificent display for the saints in heaven to see.

III. The False Prophet - Vs. 11-18

Vs. 11 & 12 -- This is the counterfeit Holy Spirit. Just as the Holy Spirit today directs the worship of people to Christ (John 16:13,14a) the false prophet will direct people's worship to the Anti-Christ.

Vs. 13 -- Miracles have always been considered as the chief evidence of the presence and power of God. CF. Ex. 8:16-20; Jn. 3:1-5. But there is a supernatural power which is against God as well as one for God. A miracle, simply as a work of wonder, is not necessarily of God. There has always been a devilish supernaturalism in the world, running right along by the side of the supernaturalism of Divine Grace and Salvation; e.g. Ex. 7:10-20. This was a devil miracle. He made fire come down from heaven. Satan had done this before. CF. Job, Chapter One and especially Vs. 16. CF. I Kings 18:38,39.

So the Anti-Christ's deceives people on earth to believe he is of God by his miracles.

Vs. 14 -- Now at the middle of the tribulation, he directs the people to worship an image of the beast ( the Anti-Christ).

Vs. 15 -- He even makes the Anti-Christ's image breathe and speak. This image is set up in the Temple at Jerusalem. CF. 24:15, 24.

Vs. 16-18 -- All the unsaved will receive the mark of the beast for they will not be able to buy or sell unless they have bowed down to the image by accepting his mark. If they would only be like the 3 Hebrew children in Daniel III, then God would deliver them. CF. 14:9,10,11.

The number of the beast is the number of a man -- six. There is a six for each of Satan's trinity. The beast's number is 666. Seven is the number of perfection, but man falls short of perfection. Regardless of how great the Anti-Christ is, he falls short of being as great as Christ.


The Satanic Trinity of this period will be Satan's performers to achieve the destruction and doom of earth's people. They will seek as never before to get people to obey them. This will be a time of absolute rule by the false Christ and Satan will have his way to a very great extent. The only ones he won't be able to hurt are the 144,000 and two witnesses. A false religion will sweep the world in a manifestation of evil never before seen on the earth. The present attempts at unification of religion and world government are the forerunner and preparation for this end-time situation. Are you ready for the Rapture?


1. Name the seven performers of the tribulation period revealed in Chapters 12 and 13.

2. Explain the Satanic trinity.

3. Who is the first beast?

4. Who is the second beast?

5. Who gives them their power?

6. What will be Satan's purpose during the tribulation?

7. The seven heads probably refer to what?

8. Name the seven heads.

9. The ten horns of verse two refer to what?

10. Why did John see the beasts of verse 3 in reverse order from Daniel in Chapter 7?

11. Will the Anti-Christ die?

12. Will he be resurrected?

13. Do miracles always prove the existence and power and approval of God?

14. What is the "Abomination of Desolation" referred to by Jesus?

15. What is the number of mark of the beast?

16. What will happen to those who receive it?

17. Who will the Anti-Christ not be able to harm during the tribulation?