The New Directory for Baptist Churches

Fundamental Baptist Institute

The New Directory for Baptist Churches

Formerly published by Judson Press.
Copyright 1894
by Edward T. Hiscox.
Origionally published in 1859.

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 71-125114 ISBN 0-8254- 2811-4

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Chapter 1 Positions and Statements

Chapter 2 A Christian Church

Chapter 3 Church Membership

Chapter 4 Church Officers

Chapter 5 Church Ordinances

Chapter 6 Church Government

Chapter 7 Church Discipline

Chapter 8 Universal Difficulties

Chapter 9 Christian Worship

Chapter 10 The Church's Mission

Chapter 11 The Christian Ministry

Chapter 12 Baptist Councils

Chapter 13 Related Societies

Chapter 14 Ordination

Chapter 15 Christian Baptism

Chapter 16 The Lord's Supper

Chapter 17 Infant Baptism

Chapter 18 Baptist History

Chapter 19 Rules of Order


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