Crown of Rejoicing Program

Lesson # 5

Ten Reasons For The C.O.R.P. Outline

There may be some of you saying that I am saved and I know what it takes, why do I need this outline? You may even be wondering why do I need this program? This is not to insult anyone's intelligence or knowledge of the bible. There are several reasons that this outline has proved successful. This can be of great benefit to anyone, no matter how educated they are in God's word. Let us take a look at a few of the most important reasons for this program. Most people when they are going to speak in public have some idea of what they are going to say. Even if you are witnessing one on one you need to have some idea of what you are going to say. When you take a vacation you will have a road map to guide you to your destination. This outline is your road map to guide you in the direction you desire to go.

To Prevent Common Objections

An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure. When presenting the gospel there are several common objections that continually arise. This outline is designed to answer some of those before they happen, while preventing others. We will spend some time later, on how to handle objections.

To Provide A Suitable Situation To Present The Gospel

Just to come up to someone and say that you are going to hell if you do not get saved may be the truth, but it usually doesn't get results. If anything, it will result in making the person mad. It is doubtful that you would ever get the chance to present the gospel to them. By using a smooth transaction from their secular life to the presenting of the gospel, we can maintain a good friendship and usually get better results.

Earn The Right To Ask Personal Questions

The question in this outline is a powerful personal question. To let it fly out without earning the right will only cause problems when you try to continue. You can earn the right by becoming a friend, getting to know them, showing interest and listening to them. All people want to be heard. When we take time to listen to what they have to say, we are earning the right for them to listen to us later on.

To Find Out Where They Are In Their Relationship To The Lord

When we talk about church background we are learning about any spiritual decisions or lack of them. We can get some idea where they are spiritually in their lives. This will give us an idea of the direction we should take when we get to the gospel presentation.

Create A Desire To Hear The Gospel

If the prospect does not want to hear you, you could talk all night and they still would not listen. When the desire of a person is tapped they will listen with all of their heart. They will want to hear what you have to say. This is a much better atmosphere in which to present the gospel in. Some of this was discussed in the testimony lesson.

Ask Permission To Share The Gospel

We can not force salvation upon anyone. Jesus does not force salvation upon anyone either. Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. Jesus will not force the door open. The door can only be opened from the inside. This also helps the person to feel that they are still in control of the conversation. This is especially important when you are in some one's home. They do not feel like they are being bullied or ran over. This will make them more receptive to what you are going to say. We use the good news, best news phrase, to help us accomplish this.

Find Out How They Believe That They Will Get To Heaven

There are thousands of views on how a person thinks they will get to heaven. There is only one correct way. This way is laid out for us in the scriptures as plain as day. When we do this we avoid them later telling us that they have always believed what we are saying. We want to nail down how they feel they will get to heaven. We do not proceed with presenting the gospel until we do.

To Show Them The Correct Way Without Making Them Mad

If they are not saved, the answers to the questions will be wrong. If we were to come right out and say that they are wrong, we would be offensive to them. Our job is to show them the right answers through the gospel presentation in a tactful way. We are to maintain a good relationship with them when doing so.

To Have A Plan, Or To Be Prepared

The preacher who does not prepare to preach will soon be without a pulpit. He must study, and prepare to preach the gospel. The people who are going to be witnesses must also be prepared. When we do this we have a reasonable idea of what we are going to say.

To Be In Condition For The Lord To Use You

Through study and preparation the Lord will deal with us personally. God will show us the things that we personally need to do to be a better witness. When we are looking to be used by the Lord we will be. God uses those who will make themselves available to Him.

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