Crown of Rejoicing Program

Lesson # 12

Learning From The Masters

It is our prayer that these lessons have been a help to you. If you have really poured yourself into them I know that they have. Now is the time to get going. The last two lessons were to give you some direction and hopefully motivation. You can have all of the knowledge in the world about witnessing and soul winning and still not be effective. The results are in the application. Get out there and apply what you know. Nothing can replace zeal. Take action! You will not get to present the gospel to everyone that you try to. You will not win all that you present the gospel to. Remember our job is to sow and to fish. We can't make the seed grow or the fish bite. God is the one who will give the increase.

I am going to mention some text in the scripture that you can go and study on your own. These will be scriptures where we see the best soul winners ever at work.

Notice how the masters got things done. Their words were always spoken with love and compassion. We can learn from these great people.

Things That You Can Do

1. Practice presenting the gospel to a friend. Record it on tape and listen to it. You will be your own worst critic.

2. Get you a note book and make a prospect list. Start by writing down names of those you want to see saved.

3. Get the names and addresses of those who visit the church. These will be some of your hottest prospects.

4. Carry a New Testament with you. You will need the word of God with you. When we carry in a large bible it will cause the barriers to go up hard and fast.

5. Ask people if they would mind if you came on a certain night and had a short conversation with them. You may be surprised at the response.

6. Remember to follow up. Help them feel comfortable at church. Wait outside for them, walk in with them and sit with them.

7. Let us know how things go. I love to hear about souls being saved.

It is our desire to see hundreds of people take this class and become soul winners. It would be great to have people throughout the world who are members of the CORP. You have made the first step by taking this class. Now would you make the second step by letting us know. When you give us a call we will put you on our mailing list. We have a free newsletter that we send out each quarter. All that you need to do to receive this newsletter is to call and give us your address. 1 336 786-4805

I want to say thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Christian life

Randy H Edwards

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