Crown of Rejoicing Program

Lesson # 10

Acts 20:17-22

I believe that any of us who know very much about the bible would agree that Paul was a great man. He was used of the Lord to write a least 13 epistles. He led untold numbers of souls to the Lord. In plain simple English Paul got the job done. Whatever field that you are in, one of the ways to become better at it is to find someone who was good at it and learn how they did it. Paul is a great example for us all to follow. He influenced lives throughout several countries. All of us who are saved are in the field of winning souls. Paul was a great soul winner, so let us take a look at How Paul Got It Done.

Paul Got The Job Done Without

A. Without Procrastination Verse 18 teaches that from the first day that Paul arrived he got to work. Paul did not waist any time. He did not put off and put off the work of the Lord.

B. Without Pride Verse 19 tells that Paul served the Lord with all humility.

C. Without Prejudice Verse 21 To the Jews and also to the Greeks. (gentiles)

D. Without Preserving In verse 20 Paul states that He held nothing back. When it come to serving God, Paul let it go. Paul gave it 110 percent. He gave it all that he had.

Paul Got The Job Done With

We looked at some of the thing Paul got the job done without. Now let us take a look at what he got the job done with.

A. With Compassion In verse 19 we find that the job was done with many tears.

B. With Control Verse 19 reveals that there were many temptations.

C. With Contact In verse 20 we find that Paul went from house to house.

D. With Confirming In verse 21 we find that he preached or confirmed repentance and faith.

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