Daniel, Chapter 10

Memory Verse: Psalm 34:7 - "The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear Him and delivereth them." (or) Psalm 91:11, "He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

AIM: To teach pupils some important truths about angels and to help them realize the importance of walking with God so that our adversary Satan won't be victorious with us

POINT OF CONTACT: What do you know about angels? About demons? Did you know there are demons all around us? In our lesson today we are going to study about them.

INTRODUCTION: The three remaining chapters belong together, for they are about the last great vision given to Daniel. The vision is recorded in chapters 11 and 12. Chapter ten records Daniel's deep concern over the events upon his people and how supernatural beings appeared and talked to him. From this we learn much about the supernatural world of beings around us.

I. The Time of the Vision - Vs. 1-3

This occurred about 533 B.C. Daniel was about 90. Three years before, Zerubabel had led about 42,000 Jews back to Palestine and had met opposition in rebuilding the Temple. (Ezra 1:2: 2a) He understood the vision of Chapter nine, that is, that God was still with His people and would continue to deal with them and bless them.

But circumstances troubled him and so he mourned over the Jews' problems for 3 weeks of days, e.g., 21 days. NOTE: We ought to take to heart the problems and failures of God's people and God's work.

II. The Vision of the Son of Man - Vs. 4-9

Vs. 4 -- The 24th day of Nisan -- which meant he had been going without the pleasant bread etc., (vs. 3) during the Passover season. Daniel lived by the Bible and God had him called, the man greatly beloved. Vs. 11,19; 9:23.

Vs. 5 - 6 -- A certain man. It seems that this was Jesus. Compare with John's description of Jesus. Revelation 1;12-15. Jesus also appeared to Abraham, Genesis. 18:1-8, and to Moses. Exodus 3:1-6, 13,14.

Vs. 7-9 -- When John saw Jesus, he fell at his feet as dead. Revelation. 1:17. John also fainted. NOTE: When we get a glimpse of the Glory of God, it is bound to humble us. God is so Great and we are so insignificant and unworthy of His concern.

III. The Heavenly Messenger - Vs. 10-12

Vs. 10 -- 11. This messenger we believe to be Gabriel, who had delivered the message from God to Daniel in chapter nine. The vision of supernatural beings always creates fear in the hearts of men. e.g., Shepherds at the Birth of Jesus.

Vs. 12 -- God hears the prayers of His faithful servants immediately. Isaiah 59:1-2; Mark 11:24. NOTE: If we would obtain a greater understanding of the future we should ask God for it. He will reveal it through His Word, if we are living for Him as He would have us do.

IV. The Prince of Persia - Vs. 13

The Prince of Persia was an evil being directed by Satan. He was evidently the head fallen angel or demon in charge of directing the Persian government. He didn't want Daniel to learn anymore about the things that were to come upon the Jews. Satan would thwart God's plan and work at every opportunity, but God can overrule. He did in this case and sent Michael to help Gabriel.

V. The Purpose of Gabriel's Visit - Vs. 14

Gabriel came to inform Daniel about three things pertaining to the Jews which would be revealed in the vision.

1. What shall befall thy people.

2. In the latter days. The end time.

3. The occurrences would be "for many days".

VI. The Prophet Strengthened - Vs. 15-19

Vs. 15 -- 16. "One like the similitude of the sons of men" reminds us of Isaiah 6:6,7. Notice that lord is spelled with a small "1" so Daniel evidently was talking to Gabriel and not to God.

Vs. 17 -- 18. "One like the appearance of a man", evidently Gabriel. Angels always look like men and are referred to always as masculine.

Vs. 19 -- Gabriel strengthened Daniel. This is one of the things that angels do. Remember Jesus in Gethsemane was ministered to and strengthened by the angels.

Cf. Luke 22:43; Hebrews 1:13,14.

NOTE: God hath made provision for our every need. Even angels watch over us, protect us, and minister to us.

VII. The Angelic Agency - Vs. 20--21

We see in these verses that there is a warfare going on in the unseen world. Let us learn some truths about angels.

A. Their Origin -- They were created by God and before the earth was formed. Genesis. 1:1; Job. 38:4-7. The "Sons of God" in Job refers to angels.

B. Their Number -- Innumerable. Hebrews 12:22; Revelation. 5:11.

C. Their Characterization -- They are spirits. Hebrews 1 :7. When they appear to people they appear as men. John 20:12. They are Deathless -- Luke 20:35 36. They are wise but not all wise. They are still learning. Ephesians 3:10,11. They are Subordinate to God. I Peter 3:22.

D. Their Division:

1. Angels of God -- Genesis 32:1,2.

2.Fallen Angels or angels of Satan. These are Demons. Revelation 12:7-9.

a. Holy Angels - Their Ministry

1. They are able to carry the will of God to man. Hebrews 2:2; Daniel 8:16,17.

2. They are sent to help the saints of God. II Kings 6: 13-17.

3. They are sent to encourage the child of God. Acts 27:23-25.

4. They are sent to deliver the child of God. Acts 5:19,20.

5. They are sent to minister to the child of God. Hebrews 1:13,14.

6. They are sent to guard the child of God. Daniel 6:22.

7. They carry us home at the time of death. Luke 6:19-22.

We will never know this side of heaven how much angels have helped us during our life.

b. Fallen Angels - These are the followers of Satan and it is for them that Hell is prepared. Matthew. 25:41. They are subordinate to Satan.

1. They obtain possession of the Bodies of men. Luke 8:36.

2. They control the Bodies of Men and Beasts. Mark. 5:8-1-13.

3.They inflict physical infirmities. Luke. 13:16.

4. They inflict mental infirmities. Mark 5:5.

5. They give super-human strength to those they inhabit. Mark 5:4.

6. They cause some folks that are possessed of them to lie (I Kings 22:22), to have a foul spirit (Mark. 9;25a), to seduce others (I Timothy. 4:1).

Demons do not like to be disembodied. That is, they prefer to live in bodies. Mark 5:1-20.

E. Their Occupation.

The fallen angels under the direction of Satan are continually trying to defeat God's Plan. They tried to keep Jesus from living until He died on the Cross. When Jesus died on the Cross, He defeated Satan, but Satan has not been imprisoned yet. Knowing that one day he will be, he is still trying to hinder God's purpose of saving souls. Luke 19:10. Therefore he tries to defeat Christians so they won't serve God and bring people to Christ. He creates false religions that make people religious- but lost, because Christ to them does not become the Supreme Saviour, and the only way to Heaven. Satan, even today is directing governments.

But God in His Sovereign wisdom, knowing what course Satan would lead the nations to follow, has set up His own plan and that plan will bring about the downfall of the nations. To know more about Satan read: Ezekiel 28: 11-19; Isaiah 14:12-15.

Christians, beware of Satan. I Peter 5:8,9. Remember God can deliver you, but we must walk with him and live for Him

CONCLUSION: In the unseen world around us are an innumerable hosts of angels, some on God's side and some on Satan's. Paul wrote of this and instructed us about this in Ephesians 6:10-18.

We are involved in this warfare and we would do well to realize it. Let's walk with God and put on the whole armour of God. Be faithful to Him, to the Bible, to Church, to our prayer time and walk ever looking to God for guidance, strength, help and power. He will not fail us! Let us not fail Him!