Romance is one of the remotest features in human history and reflects farther back to a Celestial Council Chamber when a divine purpose was ratified prior to creation altogether. Revelation portrays a plan in this category which not only fires the imagination but forms true judgment and frames the highest aspiration in belief and behavior.

In the spiritual sense, real romance is a sensible virtue, not a sensational venture, an expression of truth, not an exaggerated tale.

“The mirage shall become a reality and the thirsty land springs of water.” (Isa. 35.7, McLaren’s rendering)

Romance is always radiantly buoyant and fires the fervent spirit with youthful energy and hopeful expectation, enthusing the soul to admire a noble aim with incentive enough to achieve it.”

Why speak of Romance as a thing of naught,
In view of what our loving Savior wrought?
— Died! For all in plight, devoid of merit,
That we, eternal life with Him, inherit!

— C. J. ROLLS,
Sydney Bible Training Institute
15 Chalmers Road, Strathfield