My Portion

My Portion

By Dr. Ronald D. Lesley

Who will cry for me,
Who will read my books,
Who will walk for me through the hills,
Who will see for me the meadows and the brooks,
Who will feel my love,
Who will cry my tears?

Life is short, hardly begun,
No time at all, not for a little fun,
Who will laugh and say, "My son?"
Who will mend my broken bones?
My sickness is incureable,
My sin is just being.

You played the game of life and won,
You cared enough to think, "It's OK."
You did not think of another day.
Now for your lust I! I must pay!
No Defence, no one to plead my case.
"Things must balance," I heard One say.

So, until then I'll be content,
My soul rent, my body broken, my spirit gone.
No words to express, life has ceased without my say.
But you! You must meet my Judgment Day.
You will be handed my portion,
You shall pay for my abortion.

Copyright . Written in 1973 while attending
Tabernacle Baptist Bible College in Greenville, SC.